Harris & Jeffries, Inc. Announces Soft-ATMTM Multicast Connection Server Subsystem

Multicast Connection Server Subsystem Enhances IP Multicast Over ATM Solution

DEDHAM, Mass. — February 10, 1999 — Harris & Jeffries, Inc. (H&J), a leading developer of networking solutions, announced today the latest addition to its set of Multicast Address Resolution Server (MARS) subsystems, Soft-ATMTM MARS-Multicast Connection Server (MCS) software subsystem. The MARS-MCS subsystem is the newest product in H&J’s comprehensive Soft-ATM line of ATM solutions.

Soft-ATM MARS-MCS is used to enhance layer 3 (specifically IP) connectionless multicasting and broadcasting over connection-oriented ATM networks. With the addition of the MARS-MCS, H&J’s MARS solution now scales to enable large multicast groups to utilize IP multicast over ATM networks. A multicast solution employing only the MARS client and server requires a full-mesh of point-to-multipoint virtual circuits (VCs) originating from each participating MARS client. However, the MARS-MCS works together with the MARS server to establish a point-to-multipoint VC between itself and all of the participating MARS clients, thus dramatically reducing the number of VCs required to support a multicast session.

The most common use of Internet Protocol (IP) multicast is in push technologies such as audio, video and news distribution services. Additionally, MARS technology is important where router discovery and network topology distribution is required. MARS greatly simplifies the management and configuration of routers in switched ATM environments, requiring routers to configure only the ATM address of a MARS server.

Soft-ATM MARS consists of three products; the client (Soft-ATM MARS-C), the server (Soft-ATM MARS-S), and now the multicast server (Soft-ATM MARS-MCS). This powerful software suite is designed to reduce the time-to-market for manufacturers of IP hosts, routers, switches and related equipment that need to provide IP multicast over ATM networks.

Soft-ATM MARS subsystems are ideal solutions for manufacturers involved with IP multicast over ATM. Manufacturers of multicast networking products can quickly and easily interwork with a variety of ATM networks and services by combining Soft-ATM MARS products with Soft-ATM LAN Emulation Client (LEC), Multi-protocol over ATM (MPOA), and IP over ATM (IPOA) software. Combining these pre-integrated software source code packages provides a complete solution for IP unicasting and multicasting over ATM.

"Network equipment manufacturers are asking H&J for more complete solutions. By leveraging H&J’s vast software experience, they are able to quickly and cost effectively develop new products," said Ethan Harris, president of Harris & Jeffries, Inc.

"Soft-ATM MARS-MCS is another example of H&J’s commitment to provide its customers with leading-edge solutions to problems in evolving networks," Mr. Harris continued.

"As the number one supplier of ATM software to manufacturers of advanced networking equipment, H&J has unique insight into the problems faced by these equipment manufacturers. Using this insight, H&J is able to develop solutions that solve many of the critical challenges facing the developers of next-generation, carrier-class networking products," said William J. Glynn, Harris & Jeffries’ Senior Product Line Manager.

Guaranteed Interoperability

H&J stands behind its source code by providing its customers with an Interoperability Guarantee. The guarantee states that all H&J products comply with the relevant ATM Forum technical specification(s) and that the software interoperates with any other equipment that complies with the same standards. H&J’s Interoperability Guarantee minimizes customers’ implementation risk and ensures that equipment developed using H&J’s source code will work with other standards-based products and network services. No other manufacturer of networking software makes this strong commitment to its customers.

All H&J products are compatible with H&J’s Layered Environment for Accelerated PortabilityTM (LEAPTM) architecture which provides a common interface to the target operating environment and minimizes the integration effort required of customers utilizing multiple H&J subsystems. In conjunction with its LEAP architecture, H&J provides sample porting files for the VxWorks and pSOS+ real-time operating systems to further enhance customers’ ability to quickly create a working system.

Extremely Portable for Fast & Easy Integration

All H&J software is written in the ANSI C programming language for portability. The software is processor and operating system independent. It works equally well with real-time operating systems such as VxWorks, pSOS+, VRTX, LYNX OS, NUCLEUS, and OS-9, with general purpose operating systems such as Windows NT/95 and UNIX, and with proprietary operating systems.

Pricing and Availability

Soft-ATM MARS-MCS is available immediately. Soft-ATM products range from $15,000 to $96,000 per target system, per development license. Volume discounts may apply.

Soft-ATM, High-Performance Frame Relay, UltraLinq, and LEAP are trademarks of Harris & Jeffries, Inc. All other trademarks, registered trademarks or service marks are the property of their respective holders.

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