Harris & Jeffries, Inc. Announces Soft-ATMTM Multicast Address Resolution Server Subsystems

Multicast Address Resolution Server subsystems provide a complete IP multicast over ATM solution

DEDHAM, Mass., August 11, 1998 — Harris & Jeffries, Inc. (H&J), a leading developer of networking protocol software subsystems, today announced its Soft-ATMTM Multicast Address Resolution Server (MARS) software subsystems. The MARS subsystems are the newest products in H&J's comprehensive Soft-ATM line of asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) software subsystems.

Soft-ATM MARS is used in conjunction with ATM UNI 3.0/3.1 signalling software, like H&J's Soft-ATM Signalling Software Subsystem (Soft-ATM SSS), to provide layer 3 (specifically IP) connectionless multicasting and broadcasting over connection-oriented ATM networks. The most common use of Internet Protocol (IP) multicast is in push technologies such as audio, video and news distribution services. Additionally, MARS technology is important where router discovery and network topology distribution is required. MARS greatly simplifies the management and configuration of routers in switched ATM environments, requiring routers to configure only the ATM address of a MARS server.

Soft-ATM MARS consists of two products: the client (Soft-ATM MARS-C) and the server (Soft-ATM MARS-S). This powerful software is designed to reduce the time-to-market for manufacturers of IP hosts, routers, switches and related equipment that need to provide IP multicast over ATM networks.

Soft-ATM MARS software subsystems are ideal solutions for manufacturers involved with IP multicast over ATM. Manufacturers of multicast networking products can quickly and easily interwork with a variety of ATM networks and services by combining Soft-ATM MARS with Soft-ATM LAN Emulation Client (LEC), Multi-protocol over ATM (MPOA), and IP over ATM (IPOA) software. Combining these pre-integrated software source code packages provides a complete solution for IP unicasting and multicasting over ATM.

"The widespread adoption of both IP and ATM-based networks has created a need for new technologies that enable these diverse networks to interoperate," said William J. Glynn, Harris & Jeffries' product manager. "More specifically, technologies that enable IP unicast and multicast traffic to traverse ATM-based networks are in urgent demand. MARS complements IPOA to provide layer 3 multicast capability over ATM networks, enabling ATM networks to service emerging IP-based applications."

"When you're driving to deliver leading-edge technology to a fast moving carrier marketplace, you're going to run into some difficult problems. At Omnia, we ran into one such problem when developing the multicast capability for our multi-service access platform. So we went to H&J in search of a MARS product that suited our needs. They listened and agreed to develop MARS in a timeframe consistent with our product delivery schedules. We are very pleased with the responsiveness of H&J as well as the quality of their products," said Jeff Black, Vice President of Engineering for Omnia Communications, Inc. based in Marlboro, MA.

According to Ethan Harris, president of Harris & Jeffries, Inc., "Network equipment manufacturers are asking H&J for more complete solutions. They are faced with two critical issues which require these solutions: a severe shortage of experienced engineers and intense time-to-market pressures. By leveraging H&J's software experience, they are able to address both issues in a manner which is not only cost-effective but extremely expedient, too."

"MARS is another example of H&J's commitment to provide its customers with leading-edge solutions to problems in evolving networks," Mr. Harris continued.

Guaranteed Interoperability

Soft-ATM MARS software adheres to the latest RFC specifications that define methods for multicast support over ATM networks. H&J stands behind its commitment to industry standards by providing an interoperability guarantee with all its products.

Portable for Fast and Easy Integration

Soft-ATM MARS software is hardware and operating system independent. It is provided in portable, ANSI-compatible C programming source code routines. It works equally well with a general purpose network operating system such as Windows NT/95, UNIX or Novell NETWARE, with commonly available embedded kernels such as VxWorks, pSOS+, VRTX, LYNX OS, NUCLEUS, OS-9, or with proprietary operating systems.

Management Flexibility

Soft-ATM MARS software incorporates comprehensive management and control features. The management features include support for the operational characteristics and performance monitoring of the client and server functions.

Pricing and Availability

Soft-ATM MARS is available immediately. Soft-ATM products range from $15,000 to $80,000 per target system, per development license. Volume discounts may apply.

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