Harris & Jeffries, Inc. Announces UltraLinqTM Connection Management Software (CMS) Subsystem Rel 1.0

Harris & Jeffries introduces a new line of products, UltraLinq, delivering seamless interworking between different protocols to enhance and expedite the development of internetworking products.

SAN JOSE, CA—June 2, 1998—Harris & Jeffries, Inc. (H&J), a leading developer of networking protocol software subsystems, announced today its UltraLinq Connection Management Software Subsystem. This first member of a new line of advanced products from Harris & Jeffries delivers functionality that provides connection management and call administration for interworking between ATM protocols. The company plans to add support for its High-Performance Frame RelayTM product line later this year.

The Connection Management Subsystem provides equipment manufacturers with a comprehensive solution for controlling call connections flowing through and to an ATM switch and end device. This subsystem includes call handling for UNI 3.0/3.1, UNI 4.0, IISP and PNNI. It contains a call admission control capability that is integrated with Soft-PNNI routing. This powerful software package is ideally suited for manufacturers of ATM and Frame Relay products with switching functionality that want a complete solution to processing signalling messages.

H&J's advanced and unique CMS architecture has a number of of key features:

A call management system, such as CMS, is critical path functionality for switch manufactures in the creation of ATM and Frame Relay products. The ability to establish a working call management system quickly enables the developer to focus on the creation of value added functionality. H&J's UltraLinq CMS subsystem will expedite product time-to-market for equipment vendors by as much as six to nine months.

"Harris & Jeffries continues to expand product and services to meet the demand of the equipment manufacturers. Our customers are asking for not only the protocol products, but the applications that tie the protocols together to make a complete system. The development cycles are collapsing due, not only to the availability of components off the shelf, but the intense competition to be first to the market. This makes the availability of the CMS a critical component to expedite the ATM and Frame Relay product development process. Our new Fast-Start ServicesTM focus on implementing those unique elements that complete the system and make the difference in product differentiation. Together, our products, tools and services provide the unequaled time-to-market advantages that has made H&J the networking software supplier of choice," said Hal Z. Berman, Product Line Manager for the Soft-ATMTM family.

Systems Design and Testing

UltraLinq CMS Subsystem has been thoroughly tested with the products from Harris and Jeffries and other vendors' products. It has been designed to industry standards and can be modified to work with comparable products from other vendors. The Connection Management Subsystem interoperates and comes pre-integrated with other Harris & Jeffries' ATM software. This includes the Soft-ATM Signalling Subsystem, ILMI, and PNNI. Fast-Start ServicesTM from Harris & Jeffries are available for customers who need custom integration or engineering services.

Pricing and Availability

UltraLinq products range from $15,000 to $80,000 per target system, per development license; volume discounts may apply. The UltraLinq Connection Management Subsystem will be available in August '98.

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